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The Complexities of Faith


faith is a complicated thing.

for some of us, faith and religion are two things we grew up with, not exactly out of choice, but because of the family we were born into. they taught it to us and so it became all we knew.

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Iris Bar by Searcy’s at the Gherkin

hi, lovelies!

i hope you’re all having, or had, a great day! the majority of mine was spent with Nahima — we met up for breakfast at Liverpool Street, and made our way to the Gherkin.

kind of felt a little like stepping into all of my childhood dreams of what being an adult means.

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Urban Chocolatier

one of my new-year’s-slash-new-decade’s resolutions is to eat healthier and be mindful of what i put into my body. this involves cutting back on sugar, junk food (with the exception of chocolates once a month) and other processed foods.

so obviously i had to review one third of my favourite dessert places.

(but i really am trying out the whole new decade, new me thing.)

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Dalloway Terrace

this morning, Nahima and i went to Dalloway Terrace for breakfast. whenever we meet, one of us is always late.


(usually, it’s her.)

thankfully, i’d called up Dalloway the moment i got to the tube station, because i knew we’d end up running late.

when we did get there, we were shown to a table straight away, and obviously took some pictures.

because one does not go to aesthetic places and not take pictures.

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