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The Complexities of Faith


faith is a complicated thing.

for some of us, faith and religion are two things we grew up with, not exactly out of choice, but because of the family we were born into. they taught it to us and so it became all we knew.

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Reality: A Poetry Collection

hey darlings,

hope you’re all good and jolly! after all, ’tis the season to be jollyyy falalala la la laaaaaa . . .

i mean i know it’s only november

and the 6th of november at that (also how was everyone’s bonfire night?? remember remember the 5th of november . . . omg has anyone watched V for Vendetta????????

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Lost and Found: A Poetry Collection

Hey lovelies!

So, I have some news!!! It’s quite exciting, I guess? I mean I think it’s exciting!

Last year, I got back into writing poetry and fell in love with the art form (my poems don’t particularly follow any structure — it’s all free form!) of it all. At the start of this year I went back through the few pieces I wrote for the LOST AND FOUND collection and figured . . . I should publish these.

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