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Brown Girl Guilt

i spent the entirety of today with J, free from the cultural toxicity and the unbelievably infuriating four words that i’m forced to hear every day; what will people say? but this freedom only lasted until i came home at 8pm.

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The Art of Faking It

hey, my loves, i hope you’re all good and HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

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what are you thankful for this year ?

i’d have to say i’m super thankful for the chance to pursue my dream of studying English Literature at uni, after a few years of going back and forth with what i wanted to do with my life. i’ve finally made a decision and am sticking to it (@ everyone in my family who is CONSTANTLY asking if i’ll drop out, what i’m doing with my life, why i’m doing this degree or what will i do in the future, what’s the point of studying when i should’ve already graduated . . .)

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honestly, it is so infuriating ! buuuuuuuuut this post is about thankfulness as well as a piece of news !!

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