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How to Waste £50 in a Day

hellooooooo, i hope everyone’s had a good, productive day!

there’s something about wednesdays that just feels so . . . boring to me — perhaps it’s to do with it being the middle of the week? idk. but today was pretty good for me!

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Children's Mental Health Week

this week (3rd-9th February) is children’s mental health week.

it’s set up by children’s mental health charity, place2be, and highlights the gravity of children and young people’s mental health. the theme this year is ‘find your brave‘.

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Boys, Graduations and Internships

Hey lovelies!

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my lack of posts over the past week — it’s been pretty hectic and busy! I’ll fill you in on everything that happened . . . because, oh my god, it’s been a lil wild and crazy.

i. boys

A little while ago, I made a new friend, let’s call him Mochi (since I just had it today and they taste so good — this totally isn’t an innuendo, I promise lmao!)

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Harry Potter, Brunch & The Devil Wears Prada

There’s something about brunch that just screams relaxation and contentment. Especially on a Sunday. That’s why my niece and I decided to go out to a cute little café called Coffee & Cream that wasn’t too far from us (we both live within, I kid you not, sixty seconds of each other.)

I’d been to this cafe once two years ago with my cousin and her husband, thought it was pretty decent, and suggested to Khadijah (yes, my niece is also called that–but if you read my review on Kinkao Thai Restaurant and Peggy Porschen’s Cakes, then you’ll spot the difference in her name;))

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If I Had A Time Machine

When I was around seven years old, my parents and I lived in this little house at the end of a pretty long road. I remember it feeling like forever by the time we finally got to the shops every Saturday, when we did our weekly grocery shopping at Iceland and Tesco’s, buying jams, bread, various cereals (Cheerio’s, Rice Krispies, Cookie Crisps . . .), milk and cookies.

Occasionally, we bought chocolates.

Back then, I wasn’t a huge fan of chocolates or crisps. I never saw the appeal to them. We’d moved around a lot, from a flat to a house to a bed-and-breakfast room, to another house, to a house, to a flat, ’til we got to this one.

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