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i have always wanted to publish my own work. it is something that has been a dream of mine, for the past decade. this year, it is something that i have accomplished. my poetry collections, LOST AND FOUND and REALITY, are available for purchase and i hope you choose to buy read them . . . and let me know your thoughts ❤

LOST AND FOUND is an exploration of love blurred with heartbreak, mental health and sexual abuse, female identity, dis/believing, and trying to break free from the chains of cultural toxicity. Ahmed uses haunting language to bring life to the gut-wrenching poems, reflecting on childhood trauma, that first-once-in-a-lifetime love and the broken heart that follows. It is a collection about how depression and anxiety can affect every day life and the role of a daughter in a South Asian family. It is a journey about pain and finding a semblance of hope in all that darkness.

This debut collection explores issues surrounding depression, anxiety, relationships (both familial and romantic), heartbreak and religious identity. It is my life in verse, outlining the main events that have shaped and changed me into becoming the person I am now. It is bravery, honesty and strength — all my words unfiltered.


“forgetting them would mean losing a part of myself — the parts of me that have fallen away and come back together like a kaleidoscope of colours, blurring together and turning me into the person i am. fragments of early memories slip through my mind, pieces of a broken sailboat bobbing along the murky depths, driftwood washing to the surface in the inky darkness.”

REALITY is a rich and dark poetry collection, diving into the raw emotions and memories stemming from childhood to adolescence. every word is tinged with honesty and vivid imagery, language that shakes you to the core and keeps you thinking about it long after you’ve stopped reading. Sumaiya Ahmed’s second collection examines relationships: familial, platonic and romantic, and faith (or lack thereof) in god, survival, depression and heartbreak.

My second collection is a lot more personal, honest and darker. It explores the way women, specifically South Asian women, are taught to minimise themselves for the men in their lives, to become somebody’s, instead of somebody. It looks at the story of my first love, a story in one long-form verse, and how you begin to let go. Or try to. It is another part of my life, the reality versus every dream I’ve had.



my to-be-read pile increases every day and i aspire to be blair waldorf. or jacqueline carlyle. or olivia pope.

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