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The Art of Faking It

hey, my loves, i hope you’re all good and HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!

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what are you thankful for this year ?

i’d have to say i’m super thankful for the chance to pursue my dream of studying English Literature at uni, after a few years of going back and forth with what i wanted to do with my life. i’ve finally made a decision and am sticking to it (@ everyone in my family who is CONSTANTLY asking if i’ll drop out, what i’m doing with my life, why i’m doing this degree or what will i do in the future, what’s the point of studying when i should’ve already graduated . . .)

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honestly, it is so infuriating ! buuuuuuuuut this post is about thankfulness as well as a piece of news !!

i am also thankful for the chance to have met some amazing people this year, as well as reconnecting with old friends. i am thankful to have published two of my poetry books !!

speaking of publishing, i have submitted a novel i wrote earlier this year, “THE ART OF FAKING IT” to SwoonReads, which is an online platform giving readers the chance to choose which books they want published. this is by commenting, rating, sharing !!

this is the current cover i have created for it and here is the synopsis:

Sabrina is still in love with her ex.

It’s been nearly two years since they ended and she’s still reeling from the breakup. It doesn’t seem to get easier, even though everyone has been telling her that it will and all she needs is a rebound; time will heal her broken heart; she deserves better; just move on.

Let go.

Get over it.

He’s not worth it.

She knows they’re right.

She needs to move on.

So when one of her friends suggests she hook up with Daniel Fitzgerald, a charming, handsome teacher by day, and artist by night, she agrees, thinking maybe this is what she needs. After all, it’s just a casual, no strings attached situation-ship.

this story is about more than just girl-meets-boy. it deals with family issues, friendships, underlying trust and betrayal, childhood trauma, that first once-in-a-lifetime love that you’re still trying to move on from . . . and our main character Sabrina is a Bengali ex-Muslim, deviating from the cultural norms and expectations laid out for her by her family. THE ART OF FAKING IT is more than just a girl meeting a guy, who’s charming and wonderful.

it is about dealing with the consequences of your actions and how the decisions you make impact your relationships.

so i hope you give THE ART OF FAKING IT a chance, because it is one that means a lot to me. your support would mean the absolute world. so please, register to read the book (it’s free, don’t worry !!), rate it and comment. share it. please. i would appreciate it so so so much ❤

this is the link for it:

let me know your thoughts on it, my loves. & happy holidays !!

–Sumaiya, xx


my to-be-read pile increases every day and i aspire to be blair waldorf. or jacqueline carlyle. or olivia pope.

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